Located between the M23 to the east and the A23 to the west, our site links to two major transport corridors. We will provide a new motorway junction and link road from the M23 to the A23. For local businesses in the development’s new business park, this junction will provide a direct connection to one of the major national transport corridors


The new link road will allow greater access within and through the community, enhancing and extending existing bus services, including the metrobus fastway guided bus service. The metrobus fastway guided bus service will connect Gatwick Airport with the community transport hub in under 20 minutes. Additional transport links will join with existing services and public transport connections, including rail links.

The new link between the community and M23, will also provide quick access to the East Surrey Hospital, creating a more rapid route to the hospital A&E facilities for those who need it, as part of the hospital’s 90,000 visits every year.

Crucial road infrastructure, including the motorway junction and link road, would be developer-funded and delivered early on in the construction of the new garden community, reducing congestion and creating strong transport links for residents and businesses. Read our endorsement from the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling here.

Redhill Garden Community will be arranged into distinct districts, each with new and extended footpaths and cycleways so that children in the community will be able to safely and sustainably travel to their new school.

The central transport hub will provide access to the regular bus services and enhanced transport fast links to existing local services. A host of activities to share and enjoy will take place in the new community centre, and the new district centre will house the new GP hub, providing the community with a first port of call for their health care needs.

Mobility map.png