Located in the centre of the Gatwick Diamond Economic Area and Coast2Capital LEP, Redhill Garden Community is ideally suited for local employers.  Regarded as one of the South East’s strongest economies, The Gatwick Diamond Economic Area provides a key link to London in under 30 minutes, and home to an estimated 45,000 businesses with strong national and international connections

Business in the region is currently in need of flexible business space and improved transport infrastructure that will free up one of the UK’s strongest economies; a development that will allow businesses and their staff develop and grow.   

Redhill Garden Community will deliver a new business district served by the a new M23 junction, with access to major transport corridors, global airlinks and rail connections that provides access to the UK and the continent. Designed for the needs of modern business, Redhill Garden Community will provide for a range of employment opportunities, including modern flexible business space to suit the needs of a cross section of businesses.

A modern community that will be attractive to new recruits, help to retain your developing talent; a community that is designed to meet the needs of your most important asset – your staff.  

A new District Centre will house new shops, employment and a GP / community health hub, offering new business space, at the heart of the community with schools and a range of modern housing that is both affordable and desirable.