• New motorway junction  
  • M23-A23 strategic link road connecting to East Surrey Hospital
  • Improvements to offsite highways local network
Connectivity Icon.png


  • Transport hub (including bus infrastructure, real time systems, community facilities)
  • Metrobus fastway guided bus service enhancement
  • Local bus service enhancement
  • Cycle routes/connections on and offsite
  • Public rights of way & improved connections on and offsite
  • Advanced transport solutions which could include hydrogen and electric charging
Education icon.png


  • Two new three form entry primary schools
  • All years school including a three form entry primary, eight form entry secondary and further education
  • Two early years nurseries
Local facilities icon.png

District and village centres

  • Community hub space
  • Enterprises hub
  • Supermarket
  • Police office
  • Multi faith centre
  • Pub 
  • Three more local village centres to include
  • Three community centres
Flood icon.png


  • Flood alleviation measures
  • Utilities potential offsite reinforcement
  • Onsite Sustainable Urban Drainage provision
Employment icon.png


  • Business park with specialist employment area provision to support local businesses
  • Direct access to major transport corridors
  • Location within one of the South East’s largest economies, the Gatwick Economic Area
  • New office space and business support provisions through the new District Centre
  • New job generation through the expansion of existing facilities and introduction of new shops, businesses, transport services and GP hub.
  • Dedicated air ambulance facility
Improved open space icon.png

Open space and recreation

  • Formal parks and gardens 
  • Semi natural open space 
  • Children and young person play spaces 
  • Outdoor sports provision, including formal sports pitches 
Biodiversity icon.png

Biodiversity and wildlife

  • Creation of new wildlife-rich habitats such as woodland and wildflower meadow.
  • Restoration and enhancement of the Redhill Brook.
  • Protection of existing wildlife habitats, such as woodland.
  • Benefits to species including birds, insects, fish and water voles.
  • Integration of wildlife-friendly features into buildings such as bird boxes, bat boxes and ‘insect hotels’.
  • Creation of new wildlife corridors through the site.